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A handmade espresso maker that blends Italian passion and temperate Dutch design in a unique statement piece.

Crafted with minimal buttons and a single handle, the Naked Espresso Maker exemplifies simplicity. The polished stainless steel boiler and crystal clear class signify the machine’s artistry yet forms a robust appearance. Its modest dimensions are carefully enhanced by unique detail to deliver excellence in style.

Designer Mike van de Goor embraces his childhood passion for mechanics with excellence in design in The Naked Espresso Maker.

After spending years living and working in Italy, Mike became fascinated with the elegance and intricacy of engineering that produces a flawless espresso.

Mike started with the introduction of his own machine concept to Starbucks which enhanced the progressive shopping experience of their Roastery Reserve stores. His design is now a featured element in signature stores around the world including Seattle, New York City, and Milan.

Once back to the drawing board, Mike dreamt of a new, hand-crafted machine that brings a premium espresso experience into the private home. In this, the Naked Espresso Maker saw the light of day.

The Naked Espresso Maker is a symbol of technical minimalism, focusing the user’s attention on the beauty of the espresso making process.

‘SIMPLICITY with Precision’

The Naked Espresso Maker, with its analogue functionality, brings peace to a digital hectic world. Not only is the design artfully refined, but it considers all elements of user experience.

Without compromise, the machine is composed of the highest quality materials. It is equipped with a single, uniquely rectangular boiler, purely for the espresso. Three-layer tempered, and ultra-clear glass provides a window to the machine’s inner mechanical workings. The robust stainless steel frame is finished with a high-end coating also used on yachts and luxury vehicles. A mirrored drip tray gives a rare view of the naked filter carrier and brewing process. Watch the beauty of espresso as it slowly but steadily finds its way to your glass.


• Handcrafted in the Netherlands
• Stainless steel rectangular boiler, couplings and pipes (hand polished)
• Ultra-clear tempered glass
• Rotary pump
• PID controller for adjustable temperature
• Mirrored drip tray with drainage option
• Removable 1 liter water tank with level control stop
• Stainless Steel frame with black PVD coating
• Naked portafilter
• Naked pressure gauge made of stainless steel

• W: 420 mm D: 275 mm H: 355 mm
• Weight 32.5 kg

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Naked Espresso Manufacturer B.V.
Lorentzstraat 5-E
3846 AV Harderwijk
The Netherlands